Many years ago, the stout guardians of the world stood ever vigil and unwavering in the face of the horrible monstrosities the frozen wastes of the north could send against them, horrible creatures of purest night and blackest of soul, Frost dragons as big as castles and their spawn and other... ...Darker things... ...Many years ago, yes... ...That was when it all started... ...On the night of the day which has forever been associated with ill omens, friday the 13th, a horrible horde of jabbering and howling monstrosities assaulted our valiant defenders, pure madness met with unwavering faith. The battle went on for 8 days and 8 nights, each night bringing more horrible things onto the field of battle, but not once did The Order of knights break, not once did they give any ground... Their lives were left forfeit as they defended their home, their temple, their monostary... Many did not escape the onslaught, but on the 8th morning of the siege, the monster hordes were finally broken, driven back into the wastelands and long going extinct... ...or so we thought... All that remains of the monastery is a charred and blackened ruin... And its defenders... Some whisper tales of ghosts, remaining ever vigil even in death... But such tails are surely false in their accusations... Right..?