Forge World/Dead World

Orbital radius

1.5 AU from the Adyghan Star / 500.000 kilometers from Adyghan Prime







Planetary Governor

A council of high-ranking Techpriests






Ultima Segmentum

Mazet'u, bigger and airless moon of Adyghan Prime, also known as The Forge of Tlepsh, is an Imperial Forge World of the Adeptus Mechanicus that is located in the Ultima Segmentum of the Milky Way Galaxy. Mazet'u is an average Forge World that produces almost every Adyghan Guard tank, ammunition, and war gear, but their main focus is to fix the existing technology. Thusly, new weapon designs are often made by the Adygh living on Adyghan Prime and contributed to the Forge World.

They are governed by some sort of democracy, a council of high ranking Techpriests, voting among themselves, no head figure representing the Forge World.

Their military is made up almost entirely of Skitarii, some mechanized units, and battle automata. Their soldiers are all female, vat-grown and fully conscious, which is a rare combination across Forge Worlds. They also have a Titan in their possession, which was originally a Chaos Titan, purified by them.


The Mazet'u Forge World was founded in M30, during the great crusade. Ambassadors from Mechanicum Cult offered their help to Adyghan Prime, which was accepted by the council of Khase, due to the world's outdated technological capabilities.


A troop of the Forgeworld's all-female Skitarii.

Their Techpriests were recruited directly from Adyghan Prime, which altered the religious beliefs of the newly found Forge World. Adygh religion had its own Pantheon, which has a particular smith god, called Tlhepsh. They replaced Omnissiah with Tlhepsh instead and Called their Forge World "The Forge of Tlhepsh.

Even though Mechanicum Cult was superior to Adyghan Prime in terms of technology, Adyghan Prime had technologies which no longer exists in the hands of Imperium, some of them being technologies from the Age of Terra. To prevent the strife that will spread from this condition, Khase hid their technology away.

Notable Events

Mazet'u Appearance

Mazet'u Techpriests' preference of colour is mostly green and black, they often wear a dark green robe and black clothing underneath. Mazet'u being without an atmosphere, most of them possess rebreathers, some eliminate the need of lungs and depend entirely on machinery.