Adyghan is a solar system with a blue star, home to Imperial Guard regiment called Adyghan Guard, who originate from Adyghan Prime. There are five planets and eleven natural satellites in the system in total, with many other planet-like colossal bodies in the outer asteroid belt.

List of Planets

  • Zawo - The name of the planet simply means "war" in Adygh Language, due to its extreme atmospheric conditions. Acid storms ravage the surface, leaving no apparent signs of life but micro-organisms which has adapted to the acidic environment.
  • Plhyzhyzh - "The Old Red", named so due to being the oldest colossal body in the system, according to the researches. The planet's surface is coloured ferrous red, due to the high iron consistency.
  • Userej - Userej means "philosopher", in terms of Adygh culture. It has no moons, almost no heights, thus very little shadow on its surface. Scientists believe that the surface was somewhat liquid at some point in the past, and solidified for some unknown reason. One should note that the planet is extremely lucky for not being a target of meteor shower after its solidification.
  • Adyghan Prime
  • Seteney - Named after the virtous mother of the Narts, from the Nart Saga of Adygh culture, it is the largest planet and only gas giant of Adyghan solar system, host to six natural satellites. On the moons of the gas giant there reside the Knight Houses of Adyghan, who clash against one another to hold the control of their share of their precious mining operations.

List of Moons

  • Shawo - The only moon of the planet Zawo, it means "rider" in Adygh Language.
  • Plhyzhych - "The Young Red", one of the two moons of the planet Plhyzhyzh. According to the surveys, its origin is of its host planet, it was separated when an another colossal body hit the planet, which is likely to be the second natural satellite of Plhyzhyzh, De.
  • De - "Walnut", the second moon of Plhyzhyzh. It was separate from its host planet during the formation of the solar system, orbitting the star, but its orbit somehow crossed with its current host planet at some point, and after an impact, it remained as the natural satellite "De".
  • Mazetyzh
  • Mazet'u
  • Shebatynyko
  • Sawseryko
  • Ashemez
  • Yemyzh
  • Adiyuf
  • Lashin